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September 29, 2023 in gemstones

Why Choose us Warsigemstone for Buying Natural Gemstone

Many buyers re-sell the items they buy from us on our auction sites and have established a sustainable gem sector. Compared to other online platforms, our platforms have one of the highest percentages of repeat customers, as we target repeat customers with wholesale rates and bulk parcel offers.

By adding value to the opal or gemstone or producing their own innovative jewelry, many customers re-sell our items. We have hundreds of customers with 100-200 feedback and many with over 1,000 inputs, so if these customers can start a business, you can too! Our goods are suitable for retail stores, market stalls, trade shows, party plan business, direct marketing, online marketing, store promotions, local shows or fairs, or even for making or selling your own website on eBay.

We know an especially powerful choosing is to select the right gemstone. We try to make the search for our client as simple as possible and to inform the customer about the differences between a natural and certified gemstone and an artificially improved or synthetic gem. Simply put, the cornerstones of our gemstone business are quality, rarity, and value.

Our natural, certified, and untreated gemstones make us the best in the gemstone buying market. Such stones have significantly more value and are much more stable than commercially treated sapphires in maintaining their value. We carry the stones directly from the mines to our customers and reduce the middleman ‘s expense, which decreases the cost of the stone you buy from us by around 30 to 40 percent.

1. We believe in partnerships with clients for the long term. New stones are only offered (unused).

2. For you to choose from, we have 15000 natural gemstones. We’ve got gemstones that suit any occasion, mood, budget, need.

3. To send you the best, we take a careful note of gemstone patterns and customer reviews.

4. Transparency at 100 percent. What you are seeing is what you are having. All the stones shown in the shop are live items for sale. Our stones are sold along with Gemlab ‘s seal of confidence. We can’t even touch the gemstone. Free shipping in India.


Since we love what we do, we’re in the gemstone market. We have a love for gemstones that are natural. We enjoy working with people who are as excited as we are about our gemstones!

 Gemstones are non-heated and non-treated and are best used for the purposes of astrology.

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